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Frivolous Lawsuit


Facts the Oil Company does not want you to know.

Argument Against Measure O

• Vote NO on O to keep oil drilling out of Hermosa Beach.

• Vote NO on O to preserve our health, safety and quality of life.

Oil drilling will be unsafe, unhealthy, and a bad deal for Hermosa Beach. If permitted, it could mean years of construction and operation of 30 oil and gas wells, 4 injection wells, large storage tanks, and miles of dangerous underground pipelines that will threaten our quality of life and our health.

The project will involve a drilling rig nearly nine stories high and thousands of miles of air-polluting heavy truck traffic through neighborhood streets, along the Green Belt and the city-recommended safe route to school. For 30 years, the project will regularly employ a 110-foot-tall workover rig in operations that will bring unhealthy odors, flares, noise and light pollution, and the ever-present risks of gas, oil, and chemical spills, fires, and explosions.

The official Environmental Impact Report identifies nine “significant unavoidable impacts” including increased air pollution that will exceed air quality thresholds. The air pollutants and dozens of toxic chemicals used during the project’s construction and operaon have been linked to increased heart attacks, asthma, and cancer. These health impacts will fall heaviest on children and the elderly.

We cannot trust this oil company to protect us. They have a history of oil spills and have recently been fined for illegally dumping contaminated wastewater. They currently face a lawsuit that claims they polluted groundwater causing crops to fail.

A major accident, such as the uncontrolled release of crude oil or natural gas, called a blowout, could result in loss of life, extensive property damage, evacuations, long-term health impacts, and degradation of our beach environment.
We cannot afford to take these risks.